Trail Conditions

November 9th, 2017

Just waiting on snow.  The groomer is all tuned up and waiting to go.  We have obtained new avalanche signs and a Beacon Checker station, new for this season.  These are being placed on the Koko Claims trail.  The Beacon Check station will be put up at the junction of the Koko Claims trail and trail 7 from the town site. The avalanche signs both caution no stopping and the end avalanche area sighs will be marking our 5 slide areas on the Koko Claims trail. We are excited for all the improvements and accomplishments we have worked hard to obtain in this past year.

Just a reminder to those that have used the trail before and to the new users, this trail has several slide paths that cross it.  Please use beacons, carry shovels and probes.  Most of all please take a corse and know how to use them. 

Please check the Avalanche conditions for the area at the beginning of each day.  

We are the South Rockies range, however, please also use caution as the reports are only as accurate as the previous weather patterns. 


Cheers and have a safe season. 

Trail Pass Information

Trail Passes are $40.00 per machine per season. Or $20.00 per machine per day.  If you are an Elkford Snowmobile Association BCSF member you will receive a $10.00 discount on your trail pass for the season making your trail pass $30.00 for the season.  If the trail is unable to me maintained we will not be collecting fees for the trail passes.

We thank you in advance for supporting our trail maintenance and for maintenance of our groomer.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events